Saturday, January 9, 2010

More projects...

So, instead of going to finercamp over on the Arsenal Center for the Arts, I went down the street to get coffee and kept going on to one of my local yarn stores, Wild&Woolly. I wanted to paw some possible candidate yarns for some baby sweaters I plan to make for a few new parents I know.

Well, I ended up deciding against the Berroco vintage for one project, and chose some elsbeth lavold silky wool instead.

Yeah, seriously that's a charcoal color, by request! I'm tempted, given the parents, to put a little relief-form black flag insignia/pattern into the sweater...I think they'd get a laugh out of it but you'll have to trust me on that one.

Along the way while browsing downstairs I saw this, and am now coveting the idea of a sweater like this. Yeah. Suddenly I am a bigger fan of those crazy variegated Noro yarns. I don't dig zig-zaggy stripes, but this is cool.

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