Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby sweaters abound

So I've started a couple baby sweaters- not as though I need more projects or anything, but these are small and fun and cute. The first one is underway and it's from a Sublime Baby pattern book -" girly matelot" - except their version has horizontal stripes that I'm just not going for. I'm using some of that Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool - it knits up so well and the fabric has such a good 'fall' to it. For whatever reason, ravelry's picture upload app is not cooperating just now but apparently I can stiill post photos from the phone, so here are a couple.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

More projects...

So, instead of going to finercamp over on the Arsenal Center for the Arts, I went down the street to get coffee and kept going on to one of my local yarn stores, Wild&Woolly. I wanted to paw some possible candidate yarns for some baby sweaters I plan to make for a few new parents I know.

Well, I ended up deciding against the Berroco vintage for one project, and chose some elsbeth lavold silky wool instead.

Yeah, seriously that's a charcoal color, by request! I'm tempted, given the parents, to put a little relief-form black flag insignia/pattern into the sweater...I think they'd get a laugh out of it but you'll have to trust me on that one.

Along the way while browsing downstairs I saw this, and am now coveting the idea of a sweater like this. Yeah. Suddenly I am a bigger fan of those crazy variegated Noro yarns. I don't dig zig-zaggy stripes, but this is cool.

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To fibercamp?

So I've been following the exploits/tweets of Guido of the Common Cod Fiber Guild - my local org. Apparently he's put together a very cool fibercamp event this weekend- and it's free! If I can summon the will to go out in the cold, I think I'll just have to go. He's been posting pictures and promised to podcast and or stream an event at 2pm today so check the website for all the details or follow @guidos on Twitter!

Now which projects shall I bring...?

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