Sunday, September 5, 2010

With apologies to Paul Klee, a Bathrobe

Yes, a chenille bathrobe.

Let me back up a step here.

I discovered, in with some fabric I was gifted, a whole slough of tangled thick cotton chenille in blue, grey, black, and a grey-green.

Aside from the challenge of untangling it and skeining it up, what should I do with it?!

I have been looking at old paintingsby Paul Klee lately, particularly the ones that are essentially color studies, squares, geometry. I particularly favor the cityscape called 'Domes'.

Also, chenille is cotton, and I want a new bathrobe/kimono.

Now, perhaps you see where I'm going with this. A kimono in particular is a good match with the style of geometric patterns I want to derive from the Klee study, and the colors, although different because I'm not hand-dying anything, but instead relying on what I serendipitously found myself in possession of, but also what's available to buy in order to fill out the pallette... And thanks to a 50% off sale at the (about to move) Woolpack in Littleton, I'm all set now.

Also, thanks to the large needle size involved, it should move along pretty quickly too. Yay!

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